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Heat Resistant Hard Glass Coating for Wheels & Body
This product is only available for authorized installers.

Stain-resistance and ease of cleaning thanks to the hardness of the coating film are the most prominent characteristics of the BC-06 glass coating. This thin silica film made from perhydropolysilazane protects the car body and wheels from dust in raindrops that may penetrate soft paints or other painted surfaces and can be removed only with great effort. Thanks to the BC-06 protection washing is required less frequently.

BC-06 undergoes a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with a painted surface, creating a hard glass coating. It has a tightly packed molecular structure that creates a solid, long-lasting surface. BC-06 is heatproof up to 1,300 °C - enough to protect wheels from burning-hot brake dust.

This coating is applied with a paint gun with a nitrous oxide propellant.

This product is not available in the following countries: Slovakia

BC-06 - Heat Resistant Hard Glass Coating for Wheels & Body
Product properties rating
Heat Resistance:
Water Repellency:
Anti-Scratch Effect:
Self Cleaning Effect:
Product details
Packaging volume: 945ml
Durability: 3 - 10 years
Product type: Coating
Hazard symbols: GHS02 - FlammableGHS08 - Health hazard